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Glasgow Murals Trail

Posted 2017-08-04 21:54:07

Though some areas of our towns and cities are blighted by unsightly graffiti, when artists with talent are given scope to create outdoor art, the results, on a grand scale, can be spectacular.

In Glasgow, some of these art works are huge, covering whole gable ends of tenement buildings. A few of the images commemorate people who have made their mark in various diverse fields, including astronomy, music, and in the case of Billy Connolly, comedy and film.

Walking the City Centre Mural Trail may take you to parts of the city you’ve never explored before. Pick up a booklet containing a map from one of the city museums and head east along George Street to find Mural No1. 

Some of the art installations are temporary. Further information can be found at www.citycentremuraltrail.co.uk

More recently, a set of murals have been created on the archways of the wall supporting the railway line that runs west from Central Station. Though there is a walkway/cycleway running alongside the murals (there are some on the workshop frontages of the road behind) the noise from traffic on this part of Pointhouse Road leading to the Clydeside Expressway is terrific.

You can get away from the traffic to an extent by crossing the bridge(at the end of Sandyford St.)that ends at the Clydeside Distillery. From there you can stroll, stop and study the murals at your leisure as you make your way to the Riverside Museum of Transport.  






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